Your One-Stop Tire Shop: Quality Service and Selection for Your Vehicle Needs

A tire shop is a type of retail business that sells tires and provides tire services. The majority of the operations are focused on selling and installing new tires but some also offer other automotive services as well. A quality tire shop will be able to expertly handle the maintenance and repair of your vehicle’s tires and can act as a one-stop shop for all your tire needs.

There are more than 33,000 independent tire retailers in the United States, and they vary in size and how they do business. Many of these shops specialize in certain types of tires or only sell a limited number of brands. Some only have a few locations while others have a nationwide presence. The best shops are able to provide expert tire sales and installation as well as handle other auto services such as brakes U-joints and idler arms.

The average tire lasts only a few years and needs to be replaced periodically. A good Tire Shop will keep an ample inventory of the most popular types and sizes so that customers can quickly get back on the road. Choosing the right tire for your car will depend on your driving style and the conditions in your area. Some areas require the use of snow or all-season tires while other places only need traction tires.

Tires are expensive to replace, but the good news is that a properly maintained tire will last longer than the factory-installed tires on most vehicles. A tire shop can help you save money on replacements by teaching you how to maintain your tires and when to replace them.

There is a lot of competition in the tire business, and the most successful tire stores will stock only the best brands at competitive prices. Most will provide warranties on their products and will also offer additional road hazard coverage for free or at an extra cost. These warranties will cover the costs of a new tire in case of a puncture caused by a nail or other object and can be transferred to another owner if you sell your car.

A few of the largest national chains are Firestone, Bridgestone and NTB. Each has a large number of stores and offers an online tire search for your specific vehicle. It allows you to search by year, make and model or tire size and features a visualizer that shows what your tires will look like on your vehicle. It also runs promotions and deals to lure in customers.

Compressed air is used to power all the major equipment in a tire store including the tire changer and hydraulic hoist. It is also used to power air guns that are used to remove the old tire and a pneumatic ratchet for removing lug nuts. Other equipment in a tire shop includes a drop or trouble light, air-operated wrenches, lug wrenches and a tire removal tool. A hubcap hammer is also needed for removing hubcaps.