Hitachi Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Hitachi offers a range of maintenance solutions that ensure your machines perform at their peak, minimise downtime and reduce costs. Whether it’s ConSite, Genuine Factory Reman or after sales support, hitachi offers the equipment and expertise to help you keep your business moving forward.

Predict & Prevent

Machine maintenance is all about predicting failures and preventing them before they happen. That’s why we build predictive maintenance solutions for all industries, including manufacturing, transportation and automotive, infrastructure management, oil and gas, mining and healthcare.

We work with you to implement a maintenance strategy that hitachi mpdr download meets your specific needs. It’s based on a thorough analysis to match the right intervention with your asset life cycle strategy, so you get the best results.


The Hitachi Extended Life Program (HELP) is a unique extended warranty designed to optimise your equipment, lower downtime and maximise resale value. It includes regular services and inspections to increase availability, oil analysis to monitor the condition of your machine, predictable maintenance costs and repairs using Hitachi Genuine Parts.

HELP also offers the flexibility to tailor your coverage, depending on the model you own. Choose from four-year or 5,000-hour options.


A full data toolkit, ConSite helps you manage your fleet of machines, track real-time performance metrics and provide location services. Its Predict & Prevent approach to maintenance is easy-to-use, intuitive and informative. Powered by an advanced behind-the-scenes data platform, it’s an end-to-end solution that provides your team with the tools they need to manage their TCO and keep your machines performing at peak efficiency.